Monday, 13 April 2015

Tokyo picture quiz

I'm teaching a course that's going to focus on tourism in Japan.  Even though students are mostly from Tokyo, it often seems that many have little idea of the city. The construction site (the new fish markets) will probably be substituted before the class.
Any takers? If the place taken from and the subject are clearly different, both should be mentioned.
P.S. Many thanks to my little sister who kindly let me use some of her photos.

And thanks to this site that converted a PDF to JPG so I could upload it.


Andrew Wright said...

I'll give it a go, but I won't do well. So much of Tokyo to explore.

1: Near Tokyo Dome
4: Fuji TV Odaiba
9: Asahi Beer building (golden turd) and Skytree
13: DiverCity Odaiba (had to look up the name, but been past it)
16: Asakusa
17: Tokyo Metropolitan Building - Nishi-Shinjuku (been up that one twice)
24: Shibuya
25: Ameyoko Street, Ueno
27: Statue of Liberty replica, Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba
28: Takeshita Dori, Harajuku
30: Takashimaya building (?) from Shinjuku Gyoen

Cecilia said...

I kept losing my place with this...
Part 1

1) Korakuen
2) From Aoyama cemetery across to Roppongi Hills.
3) Shinobazu Lake, Ueno
4) Yokoami at the Kanto Earthquake Museum
5)Izumi Garden Tower (Roppongi Ichome station) with the roller coaster over Don Quixote from Roppongi Hills
6)De Beers, Ginza
7) Fuji TV
8) Omotesando Hills
9) Asakusa - Asahi, Sky tree
10) Naka Gin Ginza
11) Ginza elephant
12) Marunouchi zebra
13) Gundam Diver City Odaiba
14) Kyu Furukawa
15) Roppongi Hills

Andrew Wright said...

I did submit some guesses, but they got lost somewhere as well! :)

Cecilia said...

Somehow it went to spam...
This is very odd... I thought comments went straight through.

The remainder
16 Asakusa
17.Tokyo Met Govt.
18 Shinjuku and Fuji from the Bunkyo Ward office at Kasuga/Korakuen
19 Dars in Omotesando
20 Gozilla in Hibiya
21 The Gate bridge near Wakasu Seaside Park
22 Gaien mae
23 St Mary's Cathedral, Mejiro
24 Shibuya Crossing
25. Ameyoko
26. Tachikawa Showa Kinen Koen.
27 Odaiba / Rainbow Bridge
28 Harajuku / Takeshita dori
29. Tokyo Camii, Yoyogi
30. NTT (but it's pretty close to Takashimaya) from Shinjuku Gyoen.

Cecilia said...

That's a very fine effort though. Some of them are a bit obscure...