Sunday, 10 November 2013

Two tales of one city (1)

Yesterday after the mornings meanderings we wound up in Ginza. The main drag is beginning to be adorned with Christmas decorations.

Anything to do with the year of the snake ?

Would a Cartier building fit under the Christmas tree?
Louis Vuitton was also looking festive.

We mosied through the International Forum to Mitsubishi Ichi go Kan. The whole area of Marunouchi is owned by or linked to the various branches of the theoretically defunct zaibatsu Mitsubishi.  Mitsubishi seems to have a hook up with Disney, since decorations seemed to be overwhelmingly Disney connected.... crass...
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger infront of a honey inspired Christmas tree?

The artwork along Marunouchi naka dori is often impressive. Yesterday was no exception.
A zebra.  Hiro wouldn't oblige by getting onto it's back...
Marunouchi Naka dori
A very cool looking woman 
with hair I can relate to..
This art was a little beyond me... and the man walking past who didn't bat an eyelid at it.
A cultivated boulevard feeling
Surprisingly not outside Tiffanys 
A Christmas tree in Shin Maru bilu
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Rurousha said...

Aha, they've changed the sculptures again! Time to go for another visit. When I worked in Yurakucho and lived in Kanda, that was my walk home every evening.

"A zebra. Hiro wouldn't oblige by getting onto it's back." I will! When do you want to go back? :D

Cecilia said...

It's a very pleasant strip, though I feel very bourgeois to make that confession...

Do you know where the old sculptures go? I asked Hiro and predictably he had no idea.

I'm up for a zebra snaps ANYtime! :)