Thursday, 3 October 2013

Resisting temptation

At 10$ a bunch it wasn't hard.....

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cquek said...

must be delicious

Rurousha said...

Can't we take Japan to the International Court of Justice and accuse them of cruelty to fruit lovers?

I want to burst into tears every time I compare the amount of fruit I ate in SA to the paltry portions I can afford now.

Cecilia said...

cquek... I'll never know unfortunately. I hope so!

Ru... Hear Hear, I second the motion.

t2lieu said...

Hey Cecilia,

I saw the same grapes in Kyoto for 7 bucks is it expensive where you are currently living.

BTW I saw your comment on lonelyplanet about currency exchange TT posters in Tokyo. Can you elaborate a little more on that I'm having trouble looking it up on google.

Tai Lieu

Cecilia said...

Hi Tai Lieu.

Are you wanting to exchange money?
The poster Alexander_VI exchanges money.

His address is on his profile page.
Message me back if you have trouble contacting him.