Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hydrotherapy pool....

Yesterday it was hot. Again. That's Ok, it's the end of summer, so it's OK to be hot, but  I thought it could be a good chance to do a few laps.

I have a resistance to the local pool because it's hot.
Yesterday I went to check it out.
The pool water temperature is written on a sign board at the entrance.

Just for comparison a pool in Aus might be 24 degrees or so, people do laps energetically.

The water temperature last night..  33 degrees.
I kid you not.
Ideal I guess for the hydrotherapy demographic..

I regret not taking a photo of the sign.

I saved my money  and will look further afield.


Rurousha said...

As much as I love summer, I reach this point every year: I'm fed-up with the heat, and tired of being sticky, and restless to go on a long hike.

That point was reached this morning.

Then we got this morning's biggish quake, and Tokyo veteran that I am, I sat in front of my computer throughout the rocking and thought, "Well, if we have to sleep outside after all buildings collapse, at least we won't be cold."

Swimming in that pool would be like a hot bath; just like walking in this week's rain is like a hot shower.

Autumn, hurry up, but winter, take your time! :D

Cecilia said...

:) I was saying to Hiro the night before last that we should set up camp beds on the verandah - much cooler sleeping.
I really don't understand the policy of having the pool so hot. I said to them eeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
even though it's summer....
and then
even though it's setsuden and the dopey girl told me they were being very setsuden because they weren't cooling the water...