Friday, 5 July 2013

Convenience stores: empirical research

The other day the question of convenience store preferences came up in class.   I did a class survey on 1) which was their favourite convenience store, and
2) which convenience store did they think would be the most popular in the class.

The white, first column,  is for the actual preferences; the yellow for what they thought would be the most popular option. 
I was so surprised that Family Mart came out number one.  I assume the whole country thought that 7-11 was the best.... The more interesting question of "why" unfortunately was left for pair work discussion rather than a whole class survey.

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Rurousha said...

Family Mart? @_@

I also thought 7-11 would be number 1 in both columns.

My favourite is Natural Lawson: marginally healthier, more local options. Or maybe just more expensive? ;)

Cecilia said...

FM... Hiro and I both ranks that just above Sunkus. We're not posh enough to have a natural Lawsons, but I'm not mad keen on the 100Y Lawsons.

Actually when I go into a convenience store to get something to eat, invariably I leave with either nothing, a tub of yoghurt or chocolate. The food does not appeal - at all....

Hiro is a sucker for Mini Stop soft serves....

Rurousha said...

The Hero is happy with anything that has canned coffee, and that includes vending machines. :)

Since an Aeon My Basket opened in our neighbourhood, I never buy food at a konbini anymore. My Basket has a limited choice, but it's cheaper than the bigger supermarkets.

PS: There's a Natural Lawson near both work locations; zero in the shitamachi!