Sunday, 5 May 2013

Golden Week 3 Shinjuku Gyoen

This year our GW is very understated: no marathon bike trips to the extreme end of the island, no mad crush on the shinkansen. Just a peaceful break in Tokyo.  Part of the reason for this is that GW is only 4 days, partly it's because I am still not in a rhythm with juggling my work and partly because Hiro's parents will be down on Friday.  The are coming down to go on a boat trip, but would like to see some roses while here.  With that in mind we went to Shinjuku gyoen today to see what the roses there were like...
On the way to the station - not in Shinjuku Gyoen.

A perfect place to lie on the grass and have a picnic.
We looked to avoid the crowds.
Roses are not really out yet, but will probably be so by the weekend.
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The end of azaleas
The beginning of the roses... it's a pity computers don't do scratch & sniff yet.
Azaleas and roses
The carp have good genetics or good acclimatization to survive in here.
Muddy but still pretty.
No people here, but people don't seem to like sitting on places that aren't grassed.
Experimenting with Panorama mode 
Wisteria and the tea house  
More Panorama
And Again
This is what we were trying to avoid
Magnificent Mexican trees - similar to mangroves - the roots are at right angles to the soil.
Panorama of the trees.


Rurousha said...

Not even one photo of a cute kiddie? :p

I really like this park - even when it's crowded, you can usually find a quiet spot somewhere.

Cecilia said...

The short answer...