Friday, 4 January 2013

Supermarket food

The supermarkets were packed with New Year foods.  It occurred to me this year for the first time, that in Odate there is almost no prepackaged osechi ryori available the day before NY.  I don't know about Tokyo, since I am never here at NY, but people must either pre-order it or make it themselves. The osechi in Odate seemed to be much cheaper than what's available in Tokyo, though I think that reflects the fact that the ingredients are simpler too.
It would have to be the biggest day of the year at the supermarket.


Sashimi from a variety of fish

Salmon and tuna sashim

Crab meat - (perhaps fake crab meat) and flounder (I think)

Frozen crab



Local osechi (traditional new year ) food

supermarket stacked with sushi trays

Salmon eggs

Sea cucumber


will check with hiro what this is

nishin fish with kombu 

Kazunoko - cod eggs

more kazunoko i think




hata hata - the local Akita fish


Meat trays for those who can't bear the thought of another year of
cold osechi ryori.


yakitori - chicken skin and cartelige etc

fried chicken

kakeage  - massive price hike for New Year

Fried prawns


Rurousha said...

Err. Could I just have a triple serving of kurikinton, please? :D

I'll never cease to marvel at the amount of seafood consumed in Japan. Phew.

Cecilia said...

I'm not much a fan of that... it's too sweet. Kuromame, and egg and the nimono and ...
looking forward to shabu shabu the following day to put some heat into the body.

Theresa said...

I am SO JEALOUS. I love these. I wanted to take pictures like this in the supermarket but I was with Sam and he thinks it's illegal or something. He always tells the same joke when there's that much seafood around -- the ocean called, it's running out of fish. Then I do mine where I pick up a package of frozen crab legs and he asks me if I have crab legs and I say, "No, that's just the way I walk."

Cecilia said...

Hiro thinks it's illegal too and pointedly kept his distance. He has mellowed a bit over the years, and I think the fact that it was on an ipad rather than with a camera made it seem fractionally less obtrusive and as such fractionally more tolerable.

SomedaysSarah said...

We've bought premade osechi at the grocery store before, I'm pretty sure it was the 31st. There were hordes buying packages and bits and pieces. There were individual packs of things like the black beans and egg rolls, but also larger variety packs with a selection of various things.

SomedaysSarah said...

None of which I enjoyed much... Far too sweet and salty! Sigh....

Cecilia said...

I am not sure that I saw any packs of kuromame, or the daikon carrot mix - or anything like a variety pack selection. Interesting. It's possible I didn't notice them, will be alert to it next year.

Hope you enjoyed the NY.