Friday, 7 December 2012

Another quake

Another quake in a very similar location. At 7.3M it's a lot smaller, but things still shook a lot here.  A tsunami warning has been issued. May it turn out to be minor and that there are enough blankets on hand to keep people warm.  It's a very cold night, but thankfully no rain or snow.

JMA 11 March 2011


Rurousha said...

The problem with this one wasn't its intensity, but its duration. When it kept going, I started thinking, "Oh, crap, here we go again, it's the start of another mega-quake!"

Perhaps it was a timely reminder that we should re-stock our emergency bags?

Theresa said...

Even here in Nagoya where the quake wasn't so strong the duration was frightening. I sat with eyes wide watching the lighting fixtures swinging and the TV vibrating and hoping that didn't mean a huge quake up north.

Cecilia said...

It was long... very long...

NHK, though I couldn't bear them for more than 15 minutes, learned a lot from the big one urging people to go to high ground rather than far from the coast. To be honest it's pretty evident where is going to be safe from a tsunami, but it's good it's going into the official instruction manual. One of the surprising things for me being up there was how far inland it went, when land only a 4 or so metres above sea level was quite fine in places on the water line.

Tsuami evacuation warnings must make the trauma very hard to deal with.