Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bonsai in Ueno Park

I cycled to Ueno today and by chance in the park was an amazing bonsai display. They are all satsuki  (I am not sure how they differ from tsutsuji) but both, I think, are translated as azalea.  Satsuki is also the old Japanese for May (now blandly called the 5th month).   I can see why the month is named after them. Despite my scepticism here, I concede, they really are beautifu.
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Rurousha said...

Ha! Gotcha! :D

What intrigues me about these bonsai is that the tree itself is tiny, but the flowers seem to be normal size.

PS: If the flower freak may have a chance to speak: there's no major difference between azalea and satsuki. They're simply cultivated from different varieties of rhododendron(azaleas from R. kaempferi and R. kiusianum; satsuki from R. indicum and R. eriocarpum), and satsuki bloom later, in late May and early June. OK I'll shut up now. ^^

Rurousha said...

I forgot to ask. Where in Ueno Park? You think it will still be open tomorrow?

Cecilia said...

Well, I asked the right audience!
My guess is it's just a weekend thing. You're right that the flower size is disproportionate to the size of the plant... kind of like designer dogs. But a lot more beautiful!

Rurousha said...

Kind of like designer dogs? LOL!

Only weekend? :( Ah, well, never mind. I could visit it anyway thanks to your photos!