Monday, 18 July 2011

Class divide through Tanabata

Tanabata was a fortnight back.  It's a Japanese festival (click on Tanabata for the detail) where people write wishes and hang them on bamboo branches.   It might be a nosey thing to do, but I like reading what people write - it's an insight into people's concerns.  I was struck by the difference between the types of messages at my local supermarket, in an unfashionable working class part of Tokyo, compared with those at Yotsuya station  in Central Tokyo near the imperial palace and the belt of old universities and prestigious private schools...

The local supermarket:
May I win money at pachinko (think pokies)

The local supermarket:
May my father bring home bay blades

Yotsuya station -
May I pass the uni entrance exam, May there be world peace

Yotsuya Station
May I be a doctor when I grow up
May S become well.

Writing Tanabata messages at Yotsuya station

Yotsuya station Tanabata display

Do you have a wish?   To become a bit tidier?
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Anonymous said...

My kids would fit in very well in your neighbourhood!

Cecilia said...

Oh no! Don't tell me you've got them at pachinko already!