Tuesday, 27 October 2009

After the typhoon

It's a bright and clear post typhoon day in Tokyo.  I have been in this morning to the Bunkyo ku (ward) Civic Centre, next to Tokyo Dome near Korakuen - about 15 mins on the subway. It is one of the few public places, perhaps the only one, where you can see Mt Fuji with Shinjuku in the foreground. I expected that it might be quite crowded - there are an awfully large number of  predominantly men toting SLR with telescopic lens in Tokyo; birds, flowers,  autumn leaves and anything seasonal infact is fair game.  Surprisingly there were only a few people there.

West to Shinjuku and Mt Fuji

North west to Ikebukuro and Sunshine City tower block
East to Ueno park

North with Korakuen botanical garden (note the typhoon passed through northwards on the eastern side of Tokyo. The north east still has lingering clouds.)

Looking down

North east to Ueno and Mt Tsukuba